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Pryor Oklahoma

About Us

In September of 2006, the congregations of two churches:

  • First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Pryor, and
  • First Presbyterian Church (USA) of Pryor

agreed to federate -- creating a new church, First Christian - Presbyterian Church of Pryor.

We have a Sunday worship attendance around 80.

A Brief History

First Christian Church was organized by a group of early Pryor citizens in 1889. In 1901 the cornerstone of the first building was laid. In September 1902 the church house was formally dedicated to God. Three services were held that day and $2,100 was raised which covered all indebtedness.

In September 1950 the church incorporated as a non-profit religious institution. Soon after the education building was built. In 1955 the current sanctuary was dedicated and a parsonage was built at 717 SE 10th Street in 1956.

In 1961 the Youth Center was dedicated and in the 1980s a pipe organ was installed. In April 2005 a committee was formed to explore the possibilities of federating with the Presbyterian Church.

The First Presbyterian Church, Pryor was organized by a group of Presbyterians from Pryor in 1955. An organizational meeting was held in the Roosevelt Elementary School. Twenty-five people were there and services along with church school were held in the school. On August 30th, 1955 the church was officially organized.

In 1957 ground breaking ceremonies were held and one year later the first worship service was held and the new building was dedicated. In 1980 a Fellowship Hall was built and dedicated. In April 2005 a committee was formed to explore federating with the First Christian Church. On July 2, 2006 the church voted to federate and the last worship service was held on July 30th. Sacred objects were moved to First Christian Church.

The Newly formed First Christian-Presbyterian Church of Pryor gathered on August 6, 2006 for their first service together. The first board meeting was held a week later and on November 7, 2007 the First Christian-Presbyterian Church was officially incorporated as a non-profit religious organization.

The church maintains a dual affiliation with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and The Presbyterian Church (USA). The church supports outreach through both judicatory bodies and attends meetings of both. More information about what it means to be a federated church can be found in our frequently asked questions page.

A Church In Transition

Recognizing the change in our society we are working at transforming into a church that will be able to reach current and future generations. The message of Christ is timeless and cannot change. What must change to reach future generations is the method of how we reach out. We are in a period of transition but seek to be transformed.

One of our goals as a church family is to provide and experience "Seeking, Sharing, and Serving Together." This means building relationships with all of our church friends and families. This is accomplished in a variety of ways to include our:

  • Seeking: Sunday worship, Bible Study and Prayer life together.
  • Serving: Mission, ministry, hospitality, and outreach to our community together.
  • Sharing: In work and fellowship using our time talents and treasures supporting others within and beyond our congregation.

Our Vision Statement

First Christian Presbyterian Church seeks to grow in faith in Jesus Christ, share that faith with others, and serve people in need with Christian Compassion.

Our Mission Statement

The First Christian-Presbyterian Church of Pryor is an open and inclusive community of faith and committed followers of Jesus Christ. We seek to grow in our Christian faith through continued worship, prayer and the study of God’s teachings. The Holy Spirit calls us to serve our church, neighborhood, community, and the world at large through our sharing of God’s word and the sharing of our time, talents, and personal wealth.

Our Values and Goals

We will exalt the living God through worship. Our ultimate goal is to glorify God in our lives and ministry through prayer, giving, service, singing, and observing communion.

We will examine the word of God through instruction. Our foundation is the Holy Bible. As individuals and as a church we will strive to continuously grow in our knowledge of the Word of God and apply it in our lives and ministry.

We will encourage the family of God through fellowship. Our concern is for all people. We want to meet people where they are and build genuine relationships with them. We wish to help lead them to the Lord and into a deeper relationship with Him and each other as we grow together in unity and Christianity.

We will extend the love of God through evangelism. Our goal is to see people in a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to have an impact as salt and light not only on our community and our region, but also in the world. As in Acts 1:8 we are to start locally and globally to fulfill the great Commission of Matt. 28:19-20 to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit”.

We will entreat the living God through Supplication. Our goal is to be a body of believers who are passionate about prayer. We seek to be a people who enter into God’s presence through personal, pastoral and corporate prayer, for the needs of the body and the power needed to accomplish God’s ministry.

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