First Christian Presbyterian Church

Pryor Oklahoma

Christian Education

We believe that Christian Education is a vital part of the Christian life. It is making Disciples as Jesus instructed us in Matthew 28:20, "... teaching them all that I have commanded you." Therefore our church teaches from the Bible so all persons may respond to God in faith and love; being aware of God's self-disclosure, and especially of God's redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ so that they may ...

  • Know who they are and what their human situation means;
  • Grow as children of God rooted in the Christian Community;
  • Live in the Spirit of God in every relationship;
  • Fulfill their common discipleship in the world; and
  • Abide in the Christian hope.

To this end, we offer Sunday School on Sunday morning; a variety of Bible Studies during the week; a small group ministry; and special studies for the community. We provide a nursery on Sunday morning and evenings as needed.

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