First Christian Presbyterian Church

Pryor Oklahoma

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've never visited our church, you may have some questions about different aspects of our facility and worship services.

Where are you located?

First Christian Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of First Street NE and Vann St. right behind the Mayes County Courthouse in Pryor, Oklahoma, a town at the junction of Hwy 20 (EW) and Hwy 69 (NS).

If coming to Pryor via Will Rogers Turnpike (I44) take the Claremore exit 255. After exiting the toll plaza, turn right (East) on State highway 20 then left (North) on Highway 69 two blocks to First Street NE then right two blocks.

When is church on Sunday?

Our congregation celebrates one worship service each Sunday

  • 10:50am traditional service

What is worship Like?

The music you hear most often in the traditional service will be hymns. Music is lead by our choir and accompanied by our accompanist on an electric piano. Occasionally, we will be treated to special music with a soloist or duet.

What should I wear?

Come as you are, you are welcome in our church. We want you to be comfortable in worship. At the traditional service, a few people wear suits and ties even then they are not required. Most of our male congregants wear polo-style shirts and slacks or jeans. The majority of female congregants wear blouse with slacks or skirt.

What is a federated church ?

A federated church is a church that consists of congregants from two (or more) denominations. Policies and practices for worship and sacraments are agreed upon such that they accommodate all church members regardless of their individual denomination affiliation.

Do I have to choose sides when I visit?

Not at all. The worship services have been crafted to minimize the specific differences and accommodate members from both denominations. We attend worship services and work on projects side-by-side as a single body. Our strength and unity comes from focusing on those things we agree upon.

Why a federation between the Christian Church (DOC) and the Presbyterian Church (USA)?

Back in the early 1800s Three Presbyterian ministers in three different locations found that they held significant different theological views from the Presbyterian Church. These men were Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, and Barton Stone. Their movement became known as the Stone-Campbell movement. Their differences led to a split from the Presbyterian Church and the result was the creation of a new church which eventually became known as the Christian Church (DOC). From the Stone-Campbell movement came two other well known churches, the Church of Christ and the Independent Christian Church.

Do those theological differences still remain?

There are still some minor differences, but the recognition that the Church of Jesus Christ is essentially, intentionally, and constitutionally one, overrides those minor differences. The most serious of those differences no longer exist.

What if I still have questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the church and talk to a staff member. We want to welcome you and provide a welcoming, relaxed place to worship.

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