First Christian Presbyterian Church

Pryor Oklahoma

Five Year Plan

After prayerful consideration, extensive input from members representing all areas of worship, created a vision for where we will head in the future. This is documented in our Five Year Plan and is condensed here as a series of goals.

Updated: February 23, 2011

  • Goal One: High Community Visibility through: newspaper ads, and bumper stickers. Ongoing.

  • Goal Two: A Youth Director in Two Stages – after working through the budgeting process, we discovered we cannot afford a youth director at this time. We have secured some young adult volunteers and are setting the ground work to establish a youth group. Our target date is March, but we won’t start until we have background checks on all our volunteers.

  • Goal Three: Expand the Community Dinner Functions – ideas include: at least once a month bring in Community resources or groups to provide information; publicize special programs; provide youth or special activities after dinners. Due to construction our dinners are held only once a month. However, we are nearing the end of our renovation and hope to be holding weekly dinners again in April.

  • Goal Four: Institute a Contemporary Worship Service: this is one or two years down the road. We decided to establish our youth program first.

  • Goal Five: Institute a Dynamic Children’s Program to include Children’s Worship and Wonder Service: We are creating a special worship space upstairs to house this program. We are also looking into training for our leaders. We are also considering starting a youth choir.

  • Goal Six: Add 25 Families as we meet and publicize the above changes and invite others to share our joy. This is a long term goals. We added a couple last year. We feel the additional new programs will help accomplish this goal.

  • Goal Seven: Feed Our Own Souls – ongoing through Bible Study and worship. We welcome your ideas for new studies, outreach projects, etc.

-- Pastor Mark

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